The best wineries to visit in Canberra

The Canberra Wine Region

Known for its cool climate and rich soils, Canberra is a premier wine region situated just a 3-hour drive (approximately 280km) away from Sydney. The area's unique geography and climate have made it a favoured location for wine production in Australia.

Canberra's cool climate and high altitude result in a longer ripening period for grapes, which is beneficial for developing complex flavours. The region is particularly famous for its exquisite Shiraz and elegant Riesling wines. Wine enthusiasts appreciate the intricate flavours, aromatic bouquets, and the overall high-quality wine tasting experiences offered by Canberra wineries.

At Door Explorer, we have listed over 27 wineries in the Canberra region, making it easy for you to plan your visit. You can find an array of Canberra wineries with varying features, including those offering accommodation for a more immersive wine experience. If you're looking to pair your wine with fine dining, a number of wineries offer top-notch restaurants serving local and international cuisine.

For your convenience, you can easily create a "Trip" and add your favourite wineries to the list, making your visit to the Canberra wine region well-organised and memorable. Canberra's wineries, cellar doors, and tasting rooms await you, each providing a unique blend of history, wine styles, and local charm.

Explore the nearby Mudgee and Orange regions for more exquisite wine tasting experiences. Start planning your Canberra wine tasting tour today with Door Explorer, your trusty guide to the best wineries in Australia.

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