Murrumbateman Winery

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Wine Tasting at Murrumbateman

Established in 1973, Murrumbateman Winery stands as one of the oldest in the region, renowned for its high-quality, award-winning wines crafted from locally sourced, handpicked grapes. The winery is celebrated for its exceptional Riesling and Shiraz, true to the cool climate region of NSW and Canberra. Winemaker Bobbie Makin's passion extends to alternate varieties, offering a diverse selection including Malbec, Sangiovese, and Tempranillo. The winery's commitment to traditional methods and local, handpicked grapes underscores its reputation for excellence.

The winery's canine mascot, Mollie, often greets visitors at the cellar door, adding a warm and welcoming touch to the wine-tasting experience. Mollie's presence highlights the winery's support for the ACT RSPCA, with two dog-labelled wines contributing to the cause.

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At Murrumbateman Winery's Cellar Door, guests are embraced by a friendly friendly, inviting atmosphere, and also welcomes well-behaved dogs. The Cellar Door experience is complemented by the diverse range of wines available for tasting, from the acclaimed Riesling and Shiraz to unique varieties like Fume Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Murrumbateman:

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For large bookings or club members, and for food options, reservations at Murrumbateman Winery are essential.

The winery's diverse tasting options cater to a range of preferences, offering guests the opportunity to explore both classic and alternate wine varieties.

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