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Established in 1971, Clonakilla stands as a testament to innovative winemaking, bringing forth a rich array of wines, with a special emphasis on their internationally acclaimed, aromatic Shiraz Viognier. This particular wine mirrors the unique terroir of the region, infused with distinctive spice-laden notes, reflecting the winery's commitment to quality and expression of place. Explore the diverse Shiraz Viognier and other wine styles that echo the essence of Canberra's wine heritage.

The winery's history is steeped in a passionate pursuit of viticultural excellence. Founded by Dr John Kirk, and now managed by the dedicated Tim Kirk, Clonakilla has consistently showcased the potential of the Canberra wine region, setting a benchmark for elegance and complexity in their wines.

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Visiting Clonakilla's Cellar Door is an experience of immersion in the winery's ethos and its exquisite wine offerings. The ambiance resonates with modern design, complemented by the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Enjoy the scenic views while exploring the diverse wine portfolio, including the iconic Shiraz Viognier, a wine celebrated for its purity, harmony, and unalloyed beauty.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Clonakilla:

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While Clonakilla welcomes walk-ins, booking in advance is appreciated to secure your place and avoid disappointment. The winery ensures a comfortable and inclusive tasting experience, capping groups at 8 people. Despite the absence of a tasting fee, the winery promises a rich and fulfilling tasting session, highlighting their acclaimed Shiraz Viognier among other distinguished wines.

Located at 3 Crisps Lane in Murrumbateman, NSW, Clonakilla is easily accessible, just 45 minutes from Canberra CBD, making it a convenient and must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts exploring the Canberra wine region.

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