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A family run winery in Canberra

Wine Tasting at Helm

Founded in 1973 by Ken and Judith, Helm Winery is a family-owned, premium boutique winery located in the Canberra District. Known for its award-winning wines, Helm Winery offers a range of Rieslings and Chardonnays that reflect the unique terroir of the region. The winery has a rich history, with the family playing an integral role in its operations.

While the winery produces wines typical of the Canberra District, it has garnered attention for its unique food and wine pairings, thanks to Matthew Helm's culinary expertise. Helm Winery has a reputation for producing wines that often win awards, particularly their Rieslings.

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Visiting Helm Winery's Cellar Door offers a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. The tasting room is designed to be inviting, allowing guests to explore the winery's offerings in a relaxed setting. The winery offers scenic views and has a dedicated space for groups.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Helm:

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Bookings at Helm Winery are encouraged, particularly for larger groups. The winery offers a variety of tasting experiences, from standard to premium options.

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