We're building tools to get more people Wine Tasting

Going wine tasting is about more than just whats in the glass — it's a whole experience. Exploring the region, discovering the stories behind each bottle, and finding new favourites by comparative tasting. Plus, buying great wine at the Cellar Door means more profit goes to the winemakers (not the big supermarkets).

But, suggestions from friends on where to visit can miss the mark— they likely haven't visited all the Cellar Doors in a region. Similarly, “top 10” lists and “best places to visit” posts always circle around the same well-marketed wineries, sidelining boutique producers that could be your next favourite.

We're here to change that.

Founded in 2022, Door Explorer blends thousands of reviews, with user data, to tailor recommendations that become smarter with each visit you log, wine you taste, and purchase you make.

Now, we're building tools to simplify Cellar Door management, allowing wineries to concentrate on what matters most— offering great guest experiences, building lasting relationships, and crucially, more selling wine.

Our Secret Sauce: Integrating our recommendation system with our Cellar Door tools, lets us offer sharper suggestions. Matching real-time availability and tasting options, with group preferences and existing trip plans. Ensuring the best available experiences are organised into a day exploring Wine Country.

Our Story

Behind Door Explorer are George and James, two mates who love going wine tasting and exploring the best wine regions Australia (and the world) has to offer.

What began as a personal project to share winery recommendations with friends has evolved into a platform that assists thousands of people each month in discovering wineries they'll love.

Today, we offer wineries a suite of free tools to manage their Cellar Door, accept bookings and offer tasting experiences to their guests. We also enable wineries to leverage the reach of our platform, and receive referred bookings from people who otherwise wouldn't have found them.

We're early in our journey, and there's still lots to build before we maximise our offering. Hopefully you'll join us along the way, either as a Cellar Door or as a wine taster.

For Wineries

Nobody is building great software for Cellar Doors— tools that are purpose built for your team. That are simple and delightful to use, yet are powerful and add real value to your business.

This has left you with two options: purchasing software designed for bars and restaurants, which is often bloated with unnecessary features and falls short of meeting your needs, or sticking to manual processes that bog down your team and complicate the customer experience.

But now there's a better way. Leverage our experience in solving similar challenges in other industries, as we develop tools specifically for your Cellar Door team. So they can focus on what matters—delivering exceptional experiences, building guest relationships, and selling more wine.

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For Guests

With more wineries than ever opening their Cellar Doors and offering great experiences, the challenge isn't finding a place to go; it's choosing the right one. Yet, as weekend trips to wine regions become increasingly popular, the demand for the best experiences means early booking is essential.

Every group has its unique needs. A couple seeking a romantic getaway might look for premium wineries with gourmet cheese boards and upscale dining, while families might prefer venues where kids can play games on the lawn as the adults taste. It's clear one size doesn't fit all.

Plus, aligning tasting lists with everyone's preference is a real challenge. If your group enjoys different wines—Oaked Chardonnay, Dry Rosé, and Juicy Reds—how do you pick where to go?

This is where we step in. Door Explorer is designed to take the guesswork out of planning your wine tasting trip, ensuring not only that you land a booking at great wineries but also that those wineries align with everyone's tastes and the unique vibe each group is seeking.

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