Capital Wines

A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in Canberra

Wine Tasting at Capital

Capital Wines, located in the historic Village of Hall, offers a unique blend of award-winning wines and art. The winery is known for its diverse range of wines, including Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are not only typical of the Canberra District but also showcase the winemaker's innovative techniques.

The winery has recently gained attention for its Epicurean Food & Wine Experience, adding another layer to its offerings.

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Visiting Capital Wines' Cellar Door is an experience in itself. The synergy of wine, food, and art is palpable, thanks to the integrated Art Gallery. The winery offers modern design and a restaurant where you can indulge in the Epicurean Food & Wine Experience.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Capital:

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Bookings are essential for the Capital Wines Tasting Experience, which includes tasting nine wines for a $5 fee. For groups of 9 to 12, a pre-paid charge of $10 per person applies. The winery also offers an Epicurean Food and Wine Experience at $50 per person, available only on weekends.

For larger groups, the winery considers bookings on a case-by-case basis. It's recommended to reach out to their friendly staff for arrangements.

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