Mount Majura Vineyard

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Wine Tasting at Mount Majura

Established in 1988, Mt Majura Vineyard is renowned for its unique wine selection, reflecting the volcanic and limestone terrain of the Canberra District. The winemaker, Frank van de Loo, has cultivated a range of wines, including the award-winning Tempranillo, a testament to the vineyard's innovative approach. The vineyard spans 9.3 hectares, offering a diverse wine-tasting experience that echoes the rich history and distinct characteristics of the region.

The wines at Mt Majura are not just typical of the Canberra District. The vineyard is especially known for its Tempranillo, a wine that consistently garners awards and recognition for its exceptional quality and taste. This wine, among others, showcases the unique and innovative winemaking approach at Mt Majura, setting it apart in the Canberra District.

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At the Cellar Door, guests are welcomed into a relaxed and comfortable setting, perfect for exploring the flavours of Mt Majura Vineyard. The seated tastings, available every day, include a small plate and cost $20. The vineyard does not accommodate groups larger than ten, ensuring an intimate and focused wine-tasting experience. Guests can also embark on a self-guided vineyard tour, learning about the site, viticulture, and enjoying the breathtaking views from the top of the hill. Although the vineyard does not have a restaurant, the experience is complemented by the beautiful natural surroundings and the exquisite wines on offer.

For those interested in the vineyard's events, Mt Majura Vineyard offers exclusive events to Wine Club members, providing a deeper insight into their wines and winemaking process. The vineyard's location, just over Mount Majura from central Canberra, makes it a convenient and accessible destination for wine enthusiasts.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Mount Majura:

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Bookings at Mt Majura Vineyard are highly recommended. The vineyard offers a range of tasting experiences, including the Premium Seated Tasting at $30 per person, which showcases the vineyard's most exclusive wines along with a small produce platter. This premium option includes the 'Fascinate Me' flight, featuring the Silurian Late Disgorged 2010 Sparkling and Single Site Tempranillos, offering a rich and complex tasting experience. The standard Seated Tasting, at $20 per person, allows guests to choose two wine flights and is also accompanied by a small produce platter. Both tasting options are designed to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience, highlighting the best of what Mt Majura Vineyard has to offer.

While the vineyard cannot accommodate groups larger than ten, it ensures that each guest receives a personalised and memorable wine-tasting experience. The tastings are structured to allow ample time, up to 60 minutes, for guests to savour and explore the wines, making it a worthwhile and enriching visit to Mt Majura Vineyard.

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