Ross Hill Wines

A carbon neutral winery in Orange

Wine Tasting at Ross Hill

Ross Hill Wines, nestled in the vibrant region of Orange, is renowned for its commitment to eco-friendly practices, being Australia's first certified carbon-neutral winery. Established in 1994, this family-owned estate under the expert direction of winemaker Luke Steele, crafts an exquisite range of wines. Notably, their acclaimed Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and the distinguished Pinnacle Series Shiraz reflect the quintessential terroir of the Orange region. The winery's unique approach marries traditional methods with innovative techniques, setting them apart in the wine landscape.

The history of Ross Hill Wines is steeped in its dedication to sustainable winemaking, a vision that has been nurtured since its inception. Their journey towards carbon neutrality, a pioneering step in the Australian wine industry, underscores their ethos of environmental stewardship while producing wines of exceptional quality.

Visit Ross Hill in Orange

Guests can visit the Wallace Lane tasting room to experience the full range of Ross Hill Wines. Before morning tastings, guests are offered a personalised tour of the winery, giving them an inside look at Ross Hill's certified carbon-neutral production process.

To enhance the wine tasting experience, Ross Hill recommends trying their Wine Flight and Tasting Plate, which includes bite-sized options like nuts, cheese, cured meats, chocolate, and other snacks specifically matched with selected Ross Hill Wines.

In addition to wines, Ross Hill also produces its own olive oil, which is available for purchase at the cellar door. For those interested in learning more about wine and food, Ross Hill's Cellar Door houses the Barrel & Larder School of Wine and Food. Visitors can peek inside when they visit the cellar door, or check out the upcoming class schedule on Ross Hill's website.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Ross Hill:

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Ross Hill Wines encourages visitors to book in advance, ensuring a personalised tasting experience. They cater to a variety of preferences with different tasting sessions, from their standard offerings to more premium selections.

Group bookings are welcome, with tailored experiences to accommodate larger parties, though it's recommended to check in advance for any group size restrictions and availability.

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