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At the heart of the renowned Orange wine region, Colmar Estate stands out for its commitment to expressing the unique terroir of its high-altitude vineyards. Established in 2013 by Bill and Jane, who were inspired by the deep familial connections they observed in the vineyards of France, the estate is a testament to a lifelong passion for wine. The hand-picked grapes from their vineyard, situated 980 metres above sea level, contribute to the distinctive character of their wines, offering a taste that is both a tribute to the region and a unique interpretation by the vintners.

Colmar Estate's wines, while reflective of the Orange regional characteristics, carry a unique signature. The winemakers' innovative approach, influenced by international wine regions, adds a special touch to their creations. This blend of local tradition and global inspiration is evident in the exceptional wines they produce, marking Colmar Estate as a noteworthy stop on the Orange wine trail.

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A visit to Colmar Estate's cellar door is an invitation to an immersive experience. Set against the backdrop of scenic vineyards, it's the perfect milieu for exploring the estate's diverse offerings. The cellar door experience is a testament to the estate's ethos of hospitality, ensuring every guest feels like an extension of the Colmar family.

Patrons are offered a choice between a standard "Estate Wine Tasting" or a more exclusive "Premium Wine Tasting," each curated to highlight the estate's array of wines and the rich tapestry of flavours found in the Orange region. The staff's intimate knowledge of the vineyard and the wines enriches the tasting experience, marking it as a highlight of any visit to the region.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Colmar:

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Colmar Estate values the comfort and satisfaction of its guests, hence bookings are highly recommended. This approach ensures a personal and unhurried experience, allowing visitors to savour the wines and the stories that accompany them. While the estate welcomes walk-ins, making a reservation guarantees a spot in their comprehensive tasting sessions.

Accommodating groups of various sizes, Colmar Estate is adept at tailoring experiences to match the dynamics of each visiting party. Whether it's a small, intimate gathering or a larger group, they strive to make each visit memorable. However, larger groups are encouraged to book in advance to facilitate a seamless experience.

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