De Bortoli Wines

A large, family-owned winery in Pokolbin

Wine Tasting at De Bortoli

The De Bortoli story weaves through the journey of immigrants flourishing in a new country, the development of the Australian wine industry, and the narrative of a family who values the simple pleasures of wine, food, and companionship. This family-run winery has made a significant mark with Noble One, a testament to their success and commitment to quality, accumulating over 182 trophies and 505 gold medals since its inception in 1982. De Bortoli stands as a celebration of life's finest moments, showcasing a heritage of hard work, innovation, and the joy of sharing good wine.

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De Bortoli has 2 great cellar doors for you to visit.
De Bortoli Hunter Cellar Door

De Bortoli Hunter Valley Cellar Door

De Bortoli invites guests to experience the charming stone-fronted Cellar Door in the Hunter Valley. Here, visitors can explore an extensive range of wines, including the celebrated Noble One and exclusive single vineyard releases.

The cellar door team, with deep roots in the food and wine industry, offers not just a tasting but an engaging and informative conversation about the wines and their production. Paired with a selection of gourmet foods from Roberto’s Gourmet Dispensa, the tasting experience at De Bortoli is designed to be both enjoyable and enlightening.

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Indoor Tastings

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De Bortoli offers general tastings daily from 10am to 5pm for a modest fee, redeemable on the purchase of a bottle of wine. With a focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere, guests can enjoy their tasting while admiring the unique barrel artwork within the cellar door.

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Opening Hours

Monday10am - 5pm
Tuesday10am - 5pm
Wednesday10am - 5pm
Thursday10am - 5pm
Friday10am - 5pm
Saturday10am - 5pm
Sunday10am - 5pm


532 Wine Country Dr, Pokolbin NSW 2320, Australia
De Bortoli Yarra Cellar Door

Riverina Cellar Door

The Cellar Door at De Bortoli's Riverina location offers a diverse range of tasting experiences, available daily from 10am to 5pm. Guests can engage in a hosted tasting to discover up to 8 wines from the Seasonal Wine Menu in the winery's historic setting. For an enhanced experience, tastings can be accompanied by an individual cheese platter. Special tastings include 'Taste the Noble Experience,' showcasing vintages like Noble One and Black Noble, and the 'Summer Sparkling Tasting,' with a focus on new sparkling wines. These experiences showcase De Bortoli's commitment to offering a rich and varied wine tasting journey.

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Book a tasting at De Bortoli

Bookings are essential for the best experience at De Bortoli Wines' Cellar Door in the Riverina region, especially for large groups or special tastings like the 'Taste the Noble Experience.' The Cellar Door provides an array of tasting options, inviting guests to delve into the unique flavors and stories of De Bortoli's wines. Visitors are encouraged to book in advance to ensure a personalised and comprehensive tasting experience, reflecting the winery's dedication to quality and hospitality.

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Opening Hours

Monday9am - 5pm
Tuesday9am - 5pm
Wednesday9am - 5pm
Thursday9am - 5pm
Friday9am - 5pm
Saturday9am - 5pm


De Bortoli Road, Bilbul NSW 2680

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