The best wineries to visit in Hilltops

The Hilltops Wine Region

The Hilltops wine region, nestled in the South West slopes of New South Wales and encompassing the towns of Boorowa, Harden, and Young, stands out as one of the state's most invigorating newer wine regions. This area is celebrated for its cool climate, which is perfectly suited for producing elegant red wines, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. These wines are noted for their alluring aromas, rich flavours, and potential for aging gracefully.

In addition to red wines, Hilltops also excels in white wine production, with Chardonnay, Riesling, Semillon, and Sauvignon Blanc showcasing crisp and fruity profiles. The region's wine heritage is further enriched by Italian-inspired varieties such as Prosecco, Sangiovese, and Nebbiolo, alongside alternative varieties like Fiano, Corvina, and Rondinella. These varieties have adapted well to the region’s terroir, thriving on the elevated red granite loam slopes.

Hilltops' vineyards are characterized by their variety, ranging from small boutique operations to larger commercial ventures. The region's scenic beauty, featuring shady country lanes, rolling farmlands, and lush orchards, adds to the charm of the rustic cellar doors and the convivial wine events hosted in the region. Hilltops offers a unique wine experience, combining exquisite wines with the warm hospitality and rustic charm of a country region.

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