Tallagandra Hill

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Wine Tasting at Tallagandra

Tallagandra Hill is a family-owned winery located in the rich soils of Gundaroo. Producing premium cool climate wines, each bottle tells a unique story, infused with the passion and characteristics of the region. The winery is known for its range of award-winning wines, from robust, characterful reds like Shiraz to elegant, delicate whites such as Verdelho. The wines reflect the unique terroir of the Canberra District, offering a distinct taste that stands out in the wine market.

The winery was taken over by David Faulks and Mary McAvoy in 2016. With their international experience in design, marketing, and events, they have transformed Tallagandra Hill into a destination for wine lovers seeking an unforgettable experience. The winery's name, meaning ‘a place of many cows’, pays homage to its historical roots as a grazing land before the establishment of the vineyard in the 1990s.

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Visiting the Cellar Door at Tallagandra Hill is an experience filled with storytelling and wine tasting. Guests are often greeted by Mac, a golden retriever and the winery's unofficial marketing manager. The winery offers a non-traditional cellar door experience, combining a rural setting with a contemporary Australian venue, perfect for various events including weddings and live music events. The scenic views and modern design enhance the wine-tasting experience, making every visit memorable.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Tallagandra:

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Bookings at Tallagandra Hill are recommended to ensure a seamless experience. The Cellar Door is open every Saturday and Sunday from 11.45 am to 4 pm, offering guests ample time to savor the wines and explore the winery. For those seeking a more in-depth experience, the winery offers various tasting experiences, each tailored to provide a unique insight into their wine range. Large groups are welcome, making it an ideal destination for events and gatherings. For accommodation, the winery offers luxury cottage accommodation, allowing guests to extend their stay in comfort.

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