Helen and Joey Estate

A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in the Yarra Valley

Wine Tasting at Helen and Joey

Located on Spring Lane in the scenic Yarra Valley, Helen & Joey Estate has been a beacon of viticultural excellence for over a decade, producing a diverse portfolio of wines across its 200-acre estate. The winery is known for its three distinct wine brands: Wayward Child, Re’em, and Alicorn, each embodying a unique winemaking philosophy that blends intuition with precision. This approach has yielded an array of wines that are both aromatic and fruit-forward, catering to a broad spectrum of wine enthusiasts. The estate’s commitment to producing a variety of wines reflects its founders' belief in offering something special for every palate and occasion.

The vineyard’s picturesque setting, complete with an ornamental lake and fountain, serves as a testament to Helen & Joey Estate's dedication to harmony between nature and winemaking. With the introduction of Re’em Yarra Valley, the estate has expanded its offerings to include a new restaurant and boutique accommodation, further enhancing its status as a premier destination for wine tourism in the region. This evolution underscores the estate's vision to create a comprehensive wine experience that honours the rich heritage of its founders while embracing the diverse tastes of its patrons.

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The Helen & Joey Cellar Door offers visitors an immersive wine tasting experience, set against the estate's stunning natural backdrop. The cellar door, with its bright and airy design, invites guests to explore the estate's wine range through guided tastings led by knowledgeable staff. For those seeking a more intimate encounter with the winemaking process, a downstairs tasting room provides the opportunity to sample premium varietals amid oak barrels and a bespoke art installation. The cellar door's offerings are complemented by a variety of experiences designed to cater to different tastes, including cheese and chocolate pairings, vegan options, and the ability to host groups and boutique weddings. This diverse range of experiences, coupled with the breathtaking views and elegant indoor and outdoor settings, ensures a memorable visit for all.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Helen and Joey:

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At Helen & Joey Estate, bookings are recommended to ensure visitors can fully enjoy their tasting experiences. The estate provides a multitude of tasting options to cater to various preferences, from casual wine enthusiasts to connoisseurs seeking premium selections. Alongside wine tastings, the estate's Re’em restaurant offers a culinary journey that complements the wine selection, featuring a menu that celebrates both the estate's Chinese heritage and the bounty of seasonal Australian produce. For those planning to extend their stay, the estate offers the opportunity to book one of its 16 boutique rooms, promising a luxurious retreat amidst the vineyards. Whether it's for a tasting, a meal, or an overnight stay, Helen & Joey Estate recommends booking in advance to secure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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