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Derwent Estate, nestled on the banks of the iconic Derwent River in Tasmania, is a vineyard rich in history and viticultural heritage. With winemaker John Schuts at the helm, the estate has become known for its exceptional Pinot Noir among other varieties, thanks to John's refined craftmanship honed in Burgundy, France, and his passion for Tasmanian terroir. Viticulturist Andrew Hanigan, representing the fifth generation of the family-owned business, ensures the vineyard produces grapes of the highest quality, contributing to the estate's award-winning wines.

The unique construction of the winery, built from straw bales in 2013, showcases Derwent Estate's commitment to innovative and sustainable winemaking practices. This architectural marvel not only provides outstanding thermal efficiency but also stands as a testament to the estate's dedication to producing wines in harmony with the environment. With a focus on Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling White, and an intriguing Shiraz-Nebbiolo blend, Derwent Estate offers a diverse range of wines that capture the essence of Tasmania's cool climate.

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The Cellar Door at Derwent Estate, housed in the historical Rathbone Cottage circa 1820, offers visitors a unique tasting experience where they can explore a curated selection of 12 wines. The setting, whether by the fireside or on the verandah overlooking the scenic Derwent River, provides an idyllic backdrop to savor the estate's wines. "The Shed" Restaurant further enhances the visitor experience, offering a menu crafted by Head Chef Andrew Russell that features locally sourced produce, perfectly paired with the estate's wines. The transformation of the original shearing and tractor shed into a modern dining space, while retaining historical elements, reflects the estate's blend of tradition and innovation.

Events at Derwent Estate, from intimate cellar door tastings to grand weddings in "The Shed" Restaurant, are set against the picturesque landscape of the vineyard and river. The estate's ability to host events in such a captivating setting underscores its appeal as a premier destination for wine lovers and those seeking to celebrate special moments amidst Tasmania's natural beauty.

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Bookings are recommended for all tasting experiences at Derwent Estate to ensure a personalised visit to this distinguished Tasmanian vineyard. With the cellar door and "The Shed" Restaurant offering a blend of culinary delights and wine tasting adventures, guests are encouraged to book in advance to secure their spot. This approach allows the estate to cater to each visitor's preferences, providing an immersive journey through the estate's award-winning wine portfolio and the culinary excellence of Tasmania. Whether for a leisurely tasting, a gourmet lunch, or a special event, Derwent Estate stands ready to welcome guests to explore the unique charm and rich heritage of this remarkable winery.

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