Mount Ashby Estate

A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in the Southern Highlands

Wine Tasting at Mount Ashby

Mount Ashby Estate, nestled in the Southern Highlands, presents a unique blend of boutique winemaking and French provincial charm. This vineyard distinguishes itself with a combination of locally produced wines and an inviting atmosphere that includes a restored dairy turned cellar door. The architecture reflects a mix of French provincial and early Australian styles, harmoniously integrated with their French antique furniture restoration and importation business.

The estate also features the relocated Bowral Produce Store from 1918, now a hub for restoring provincial antique furniture. This space, alongside the cellar door, showcases a collection of European antiques and custom-made French Farmhouse Tables, crafted from selected European timbers, adding to the distinct ambiance of the estate.

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Visitors to Mount Ashby Estate's cellar door can expect an immersive experience. The cellar door, set within the beautifully restored original dairy, offers a warm, inviting space adorned with French farmhouse tables and a view of the vineyard amidst grazing dairy cattle. Guests can enjoy a range of wines accompanied by homemade soup, crusty bread, and a charcuterie plate, all within an environment that beautifully blends French provincial aesthetics with early Australian architecture.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Mount Ashby:

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At Mount Ashby Estate, bookings are recommended to fully enjoy the wine tasting experiences. The estate offers a delightful tasting journey of their wine selection, often paired with homemade culinary delights. While the estate is accommodating, larger groups are advised to book in advance to ensure the best experience.

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Mount Ashby Estate

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