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A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in Orange

Wine Tasting at Highland Heritage

Highland Heritage, nestled in the serene landscape of Orange, presents a remarkable wine tasting experience steeped in the region's rich viticultural history. With its origins as one of the pioneering vineyards in Orange, Highland Heritage boasts an impressive selection of award-winning wines. The vineyard specialises in a variety of styles, with a particular emphasis on Riesling, a varietal emblematic of the Orange region's unique terroir.

Visitors can explore a diverse range of wines, including Highland Heritage's celebrated Rieslings, which reflect the winery's mastery in producing exquisite white wines. Additionally, the winery offers a unique opportunity to indulge in aged Rieslings through a specially curated 'flight'. This showcases the winery's expertise in Riesling, highlighting the depth and complexity achieved through careful aging.

Beyond Rieslings, the winery also presents an extensive array of dessert styles and fortified wines, offering a comprehensive tasting experience. The selection of wines is a testament to Highland Heritage's dedication to quality and innovation, ensuring each visit is both educational and enjoyable.

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Highland Heritage's Cellar Door experience is an intimate and enlightening journey through the winery's diverse offerings. Hosted by experienced staff, guests can choose to taste five wines from a selection that represents the essence of Highland Heritage's craft. Alternatively, the unique 'flight' of aged Rieslings provides a deeper exploration into this style's evolution over time.

The tasting room is designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where each guest can fully engage with the wines and their stories. And for the convenience of visitors, a TESLA charger is available, highlighting the winery's commitment to modern amenities and environmental sustainability.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Highland Heritage:

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Highland Heritage values an intimate and personalised tasting experience, which is why bookings are essential, especially for groups of five or more. While children are welcome, supervision is advised to ensure a pleasant experience for all visitors.

The $5 tasting fee is non-redeemable against wine purchases, ensuring a clear and transparent policy for all guests.

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Highland Heritage Estate

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