A winery in Orange, producing aged wines.

Wine Tasting at Patina

Patina Wines, a gem nestled in the rich volcanic slopes of Mt Canobolas, near Orange, is renowned for its exquisite cool-climate wines. With a diverse portfolio, including standout varieties such as Riesling, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Merlot, Patina reflects the true spirit of the region. The winemaker, Gerald Naef, employs a unique blend of science and tradition, crafting wines with complex profiles and distinguished palates.

While the estate's offerings are a testament to the Orange region's rich wine heritage, Patina sets itself apart with its innovative approaches, particularly evident in their Riesling production. Established in 1999, the winery's history is steeped in a dedication to excellence, a pursuit that continues to define their journey. Every bottle from Patina carries a story of the estate's evolution, echoing the natural elegance and diversity of its origins.

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Embarking on a wine tasting journey at Patina's Cellar Door is an immersive experience. The venue, set amidst lush gardens, offers a tranquil backdrop for savoring Patina's array of wines. Visitors are treated to a boutique experience, with offerings that extend beyond the traditional tasting. Cheese boards complement the wine selections, enhancing the flavors and creating a symphony on the palate.

The scenic views contribute to a serene ambiance, perfect for intimate discoveries and relaxed conversations. Whether it's the allure of the outdoor tastings or the charm of the boutique setup, a visit to Patina promises a blend of comfort, discovery, and indulgence.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Patina:

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For those wishing to immerse themselves in Patina's tasting experience, bookings are highly recommended, ensuring a seamless and personalised visit. The winery welcomes walk-in visitors, subject to availability, offering a spectrum of tasting experiences tailored to various preferences. While the standard tasting sessions provide a broad introduction to Patina's range, guests seeking a more luxurious experience can opt for premium tastings, often accompanied by curated cheese boards.

Patina embraces the spirit of community and sharing, accommodating larger groups within their picturesque setting. However, for an experience devoid of rush and full of attentive detail, the estate recommends a more intimate party size, ensuring each guest leaves with cherished memories and new-found favorites.

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