De Salis

A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in Australia

Wine Tasting at De Salis

At De Salis Winery, located in the picturesque town of Orange, visitors can indulge in a true wine tasting experience. With a rich history dating back to 1999, De Salis has established itself as a leading winery in the region. The winemakers, Charles and Mitchell Svenson, are renowned for their expert craftsmanship, producing a range of classic Orange wines that are sure to impress. One of the standout wines at De Salis is their Chardonnay, which is known for its smooth and creamy texture and delicate fruit flavours. Their 'Lofty' range is another must-try for wine connoisseurs, with its unique blend of fruit and oak making it a truly memorable experience. For those seeking a bubbly delight, De Salis' Sparkling wine is a must-try. However, be quick, as this popular drop is in limited supply, so it's best to book a visit to their tasting room in advance.

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Nestled on Mount Lofty Road, the tasting room is the perfect location to sample the full range of De Salis' premium wines. The knowledgeable staff will guide you through each wine, offering expert insights into their production, flavour and aroma. With a range of classic Orange wines that are expertly crafted, and a tasting room that provides a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, you are sure to have a memorable experience.

You can expect the following from a tasting at De Salis:

Boutique Winery
Premium Wine
Scenic Views
Outdoor Tastings

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