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Berton Vineyards, established 25 years ago, embodies the spirit of contemporary winemaking in the Riverina region. From its beginnings, the winery has balanced a deep respect for tradition with innovative winemaking techniques. Their philosophy revolves around creating affordable, easy-drinking wines of quality, a commitment reflected in their award-winning selections like the High Eden Bonsai Shiraz and Reserve Botrytis Semillon. The vineyard's success is rooted in the use of modern technology paired with traditional methods, ensuring a consistent quality across their diverse wine range, including the popular Metal Label series.

Berton Vineyards began in the High Eden subregion of Eden Valley, South Australia, and has since formed close relationships with growers in the Riverina and other prominent Australian wine regions. This network allows them to produce a variety of wines, such as the Outback Jack, Foundstone, and Head Over Heels ranges. The vineyard's flagship wine, the Berton Vineyards Bonsai Shiraz, along with other reserves, are sourced from select parcels, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product. Berton's commitment to sourcing fruit from the best vineyards is evident in their diverse and acclaimed wine portfolio.

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The Cellar Door at Berton Vineyards, set in the original winery building dating back to 1945, offers a charming and relaxed tasting experience. Located in the small town of Yenda, the cellar door is surrounded by historical concrete fermenters, adding to the ambiance. For a nominal tasting fee, guests can enjoy Berton's award-winning wines, accompanied by the option of platters that include gourmet meats, cheeses, and other accompaniments. The cellar door, open from Monday to Saturday, provides a welcoming space for visitors to explore the winery's diverse range and connect with the story behind each bottle.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Berton:

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At Berton Vineyards, bookings are recommended for tastings at their Cellar Door, ensuring a comprehensive and personalised experience. The winery charges a small tasting fee and offers gourmet platters for an additional cost. These platters, which need to be booked in advance, complement the wine tasting with a selection of delicacies. Open from Monday to Saturday, the Cellar Door welcomes families and is wheelchair accessible, making it an inclusive destination for wine enthusiasts. By arranging a visit ahead of time, guests can fully immerse themselves in the unique offerings of Berton Vineyards.

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