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Westella Vineyard, nestled in Tasmania's Tamar Valley, embodies the singular passion of its founders, Willy and Jacq Adkins, for Pinot Noir. With a clear vision that simplicity and focus yield excellence, Westella Vineyard concentrates exclusively on cultivating Pinot Noir, leveraging Tasmania's ideal cool-climate conditions. This handkerchief of land near kanamaluka at the northern end of the Tamar Valley offers the perfect microclimate for ripening Pinot Noir, balancing proximity to the river to avoid frost with the cool temperatures necessary for developing the complexity and elegance associated with this varietal.

The vineyard's journey reflects a dedication to a single varietal approach, a decision driven by the desire to produce 'one really good thing.' This philosophy has guided Willy and Jacq from the inception of their dream through to the realization of Westella Vineyard as a producer of exceptional Pinot Noir, Sparkling Rose, and Blanc de Noir in Tasmania. Their story is one of passion, focus, and the pursuit of vinicultural excellence in one of Australia's most esteemed wine regions.

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The Cellar Door at Westella Vineyard offers an intimate and engaging wine tasting experience, inviting visitors to explore their exquisite Traditional Method Sparkling Rose, Blanc de Noir, and barrel-aged Pinots. Set against the serene backdrop of the Tamar Valley, guests can savor the flavours of Tasmania with a Cheese or Pruners Plate, featuring the finest locally sourced produce, in a picturesque garden of vines. The Cellar Door, open Thursday through Sunday, provides a peaceful setting for wine enthusiasts to enjoy Westella's singular focus on Pinot Noir and its sparkling variants, reflecting the unique terroir of the Tamar Valley.

Welcoming to both pets and wine lovers, the vineyard encourages bookings to ensure a personalised visit, offering a boutique experience that captures the essence of Tasmanian hospitality and the meticulous care Willy and Jacq invest in their vineyard. The journey to Westella Vineyard, along the beautiful kanamaluka / River Tamar, adds to the allure of the visit, making it a must-see destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in Tasmania's vibrant wine culture.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Westella:

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Advance bookings are recommended for tastings at Westella Vineyard to ensure a personalised experience that aligns with the intimate and boutique nature of the Cellar Door. This approach allows guests to fully engage with the vineyard's focused wine offerings, including their renowned Pinot Noir and sparkling varieties, in a setting that celebrates the beauty and produce of Tasmania. With its commitment to showcasing 'one really good thing,' Westella Vineyard invites visitors to discover the depth and elegance of their wines, encouraging a deeper appreciation for Tasmania's contribution to the world of wine. Contacting Westella directly for bookings ensures a seamless visit, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Tamar Valley and the exceptional wines crafted by Willy and Jacq Adkins.

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