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Taylors Wines, a renowned family-owned winery in the Clare Valley, prides itself on a winemaking philosophy that centres on respect for the fruit and dedication to quality. With a heritage that traces back over three generations, the Taylor family has consistently aimed to produce wines that stand the test of time, reflecting the unique characteristics of their Clare Valley terroir. The winery's portfolio includes a diverse range of styles, from robust Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz to delicate Chardonnay and Riesling, each crafted with the greatest care and precision to ensure every bottle exemplifies the family's commitment to excellence.

Embracing both tradition and innovation, Taylors Wines combines sustainable viticultural practices with advanced winemaking techniques. This approach has resulted in a collection of award-winning wines that are celebrated both domestically and internationally. The family's dedication is mirrored in their sustainable practices, highlighting their commitment to preserving the environment while producing high-quality w

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The Cellar Door at Taylors Wines offers a welcoming space for visitors to explore their award-winning wine range. Set within a beautifully manicured garden, guests can relax with a glass of wine and a cheese platter, engage in a game of boules, or wander through the sculpture collection. Educational wine tasting experiences are available, providing insight into the winery's meticulous winemaking process and the rich heritage of the Clare Valley. Bookings are essential for these tastings, which are tailored to cater to both individuals and groups, ensuring a personalised and memorable experience for every visitor.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Taylors:

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Planning a visit to Taylors Wines not only promises a journey through the flavours of the Clare Valley but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the picturesque beauty of the region. With over 150 years of winemaking history, the Clare Valley offers more than just exceptional wines; it's a destination where the culture of wine is woven into the landscape and lifestyle. From exploring the Riesling Trail to indulging in the local produce at the Clare Valley Food, Wine & Art market, Taylors Wines serves as a perfect starting point for discovering the charm and elegance of this renowned wine region. Bookings for tastings and experiences at Taylors are recommended, ensuring that every guest can fully enjoy the array of wines and the hospitality that Taylors Wines is known for.

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