Sallys Corner Wines

A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in the Southern Highlands

Wine Tasting at Sallys Corner

Sallys Corner Wines, situated in the Southern Highlands, is a vineyard owned by Dawn and Allen Davies. Established in 1998 in Exeter, the vineyard combines their passion for wine and horticulture. Embracing the principle that "Good wine is made in the vineyard," they meticulously tend to their vines, ensuring only the best grapes are used. This dedication has led to multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals, underscoring the quality of their wines. Named after a local historical figure, Sally, known for her business ventures during the Cobb and Co era, the vineyard carries a unique historical significance.

With a variety of award-winning wines, each carefully crafted and tended by the owners themselves, Sallys Corner Wines represents the pinnacle of dedication and quality in the Southern Highlands. Their commitment to excellence and reasonable pricing reflects their belief in providing the best value wines in the region.

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The Cellar Door at Sallys Corner Wines is a modern and eclectic space, unique in the Highlands. It is accessible through a picturesque drive, passing through both introduced and natural forests, enhancing the sensory experience of wine tasting. The Cellar Door environment is designed to make wine tasting an enjoyable event, where visitors can freely sample the wines before purchasing. Additionally, the grounds are popular among garden clubs, especially in autumn, adding to the overall charm of the tasting experience.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Sallys Corner:

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Visitors are encouraged to book their experience at Sallys Corner Wines, especially on weekends and public holidays when the cellar door is open from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM. For a more personalised visit, appointments can be arranged at other times. The winery accommodates groups of up to 25 persons by appointment from Monday to Friday, offering a small tasting plate for a nominal charge. The convenient location and easy accessibility of the cellar door, even in wet weather, make it an ideal destination for wine enthusiasts.

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