Pokolbin Brothers Wines

A family-owned, boutique winery in Pokolbin

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Pokolbin Brothers Wines is a small family-owned boutique winery established in 1976. Produsing varietals such as Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot, and Sparkling Moscato. The winery prides itself on offering authentic, single vineyard, estate-grown wines that truly represent the Hunter Valley terroir.

The winery's approach to winemaking is deeply rooted in tradition, emphasizing low yield, hand-picked grapes that are gently pressed to produce genuine 100% Hunter Valley aged wines. Their cellar door, an unassuming structure housed within a corrugated iron winery shed, pays homage to the region’s earliest cellar doors, inviting visitors to step back in time and enjoy the authentic taste of the Hunter Valley.

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The cellar door experience at Pokolbin Brothers Wines is as genuine and inviting as the wines themselves. Set within a corrugated iron winery shed that echoes the humble beginnings of the region's wine culture, the cellar door offers an intimate glimpse into the world of traditional winemaking. Here, visitors can enjoy complimentary wine tastings, exploring the nuanced flavors of the winery's estate-grown, low yield, and hand-picked selections. This unpretentious setting provides a warm welcome to all guests, including small bus tour groups, who seek to discover the authentic charm of Hunter Valley wines.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Pokolbin Brothers:

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Visitors are encouraged to book ahead to ensure a personalised tasting experience at Pokolbin Brothers Wines, especially for those arriving with small bus tour groups.

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