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Karrawatta, a name with deep historical roots in South Australian viticulture, presents a captivating story of heritage, passion, and winemaking excellence. Stemming from a coin toss that led Mark Gilbert's ancestor, Joseph Gilbert, to rename his property from ‘Karrawatta’ to ‘Pewsey Vale’ in 1847, the winery has since reclaimed its original name, symbolising a new era of winemaking under the Gilbert family's stewardship. Today, Karrawatta is renowned for its single vineyard, small batch wines, crafted from vineyards across the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, and Langhorne Creek. Emphasising minimal intervention in the winery, Karrawatta's approach showcases the distinct terroir of each region, producing wines that reflect elegance, complexity, and harmony.

The winery's commitment to sustainability and organic farming practices further elevates the quality and character of their wines, including a diverse portfolio of styles such as Blanc de Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Shiraz. The Aboriginal meaning of ‘Karrawatta’, translating to ‘Redgum Land’, underscores the deep connection and respect the winery holds for its land and heritage. This commitment to crafting wines that embody their sense of style and class, while paying homage to their rich history, sets Karrawatta apart as a winery of distinction in the Adelaide Hills.

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Located at the Sophie’s Hill Vineyard in Meadows, just 45 minutes from Adelaide CBD, the Karrawatta Cellar Door is a testament to the winery's refined approach to winemaking. The cellar door, designed to reflect the winery's elegance and attention to detail, offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore Karrawatta’s exquisite range of wines. Set amidst the beautiful Adelaide Hills and at the crossroads of the renowned wine regions of Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, guests are invited to partake in a variety of tasting experiences, complemented by delicious cheese and charcuterie boards. The terraced lawns and cozy indoor space provide the perfect setting for enjoying these offerings with loved ones, making it an ideal destination for wine enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Moreover, Karrawatta caters to private events, weddings, and corporate functions, offering a versatile venue that marries breathtaking landscapes with exceptional wines. Whether it’s savoring a glass of wine on the lawns or by the fire, the Karrawatta Cellar Door experience is designed to be memorable, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the world of fine wine and viticulture.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Karrawatta:

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Visiting the Karrawatta Cellar Door presents an array of curated wine tasting experiences, catering to diverse palates and interests. From the Sophie’s Hill Experience, offering a taste of Adelaide Hills wines, to the Terroir Experience that explores the unique characteristics of wines from Karrawatta’s three vineyard locations, there is something for every wine lover. The Grand Vin Experience elevates the journey, allowing guests to indulge in the winery’s most exclusive, ultra-premium wines paired with a cheese and charcuterie board, and even an optional vineyard tour for a holistic view of Karrawatta’s winemaking philosophy.

Bookings are essential, especially on weekends and public holidays, with experiences ranging from $15 to $175 per person, ensuring an option for every budget and occasion. These experiences not only highlight the meticulous and elegant approach to winemaking at Karrawatta but also provide an educational and immersive exploration of their premium and ultra-premium wine ranges. For those planning a visit, making a reservation is highly recommended to secure a personalised and unforgettable wine tasting experience at this distinguished Adelaide Hills winery.

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