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Kalari Wines, a boutique family-owned vineyard, is located on the scenic banks of the Lachlan River in Cowra, New South Wales. Originally founded by Valto and Pamela Heikkinen in 1998, Kalari has since changed hands but continues to uphold its legacy of producing premium wines. The vineyard is known for its aged vines, which yield intense fruit, particularly from the Verdelho and Shiraz varieties. These grapes are transformed into award-winning premium reserve-grade wines by the skilled winemaker at Madrez Winery, Chris Derrez.

Kalari's wine range is distinguished by its innovative approach, with unique wine styles that set it apart in the Cowra region. The vineyard is renowned for its three different styles of Verdelho, as well as its Shiraz. The current wine selection includes Chardonnay, dry Verdelho, fortified Verdelho, and Shiraz. Each wine reflects the vineyard's commitment to quality and uniqueness, offering a distinct tasting experience that captures the essence of the Cowra terroir.

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Kalari Wines' product range showcases the vineyard's dedication to quality and variety. The 2016 Premium Reserve Dry Verdelho is a beautifully soft, aromatic dry wine, exemplifying the vineyard's skill in producing exceptional Verdelho. Their 2016 Shiraz is noted for its mellow and smooth character, with a slightly sweet and syrupy taste accompanied by a pepper spice. The vineyard also offers a 2016 Fortified Wine, a lush sweet Apero in the Kalari Konyak style, and the 2013 Bulls Blood Shiraz, a full-bodied wine with a nose of blackberries and lifted spice. These wines reflect the unique characteristics of the Cowra region and Kalari's innovative winemaking approach.

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While detailed information about the cellar door experience at Kalari Wines was not available, the winery's focus on producing distinctive wine styles, such as their various Verdelho offerings and their Shiraz, suggests that a visit would offer a unique tasting experience. The idyllic location on the banks of the Lachlan River and the vineyard's dedication to crafting premium wines would likely make for an enjoyable and memorable visit. For specific details about visiting, wine tastings, and bookings, interested individuals may want to contact Kalari Wines directly.

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