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A Single Vineyard winery in Pokolbin

Wine Tasting at Degen

Degen Wines, nestled in the heart of Pokolbin, offers a distinctive wine tasting experience, showcasing its prowess through a diverse selection of wines. From the robust Shiraz to the crisp Chardonnay and the classic Semillon, each bottle reflects the rich terroir of the Hunter Valley. The winery takes pride in its Single Vineyard wines, particularly the celebrated Semillon Chardonnay Sparkling, a favourite among patrons.

The wines, while capturing the quintessential character of the region, carry the unique touch of Degen's winemaking practices. Established with a vision to contribute to the Hunter Valley's esteemed wine legacy, Degen Wines has carved its niche, offering a personal and immersive journey into the world of viticulture since its inception.

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A wine tasting at Degen's cellar door, treats visitors to Degen's full wine collection, each narrating a story of its heritage. The cellar door, with its welcoming ambience, allows for a personalised exploration of their offerings.

Guests can enhance their visit with a stay at the luxurious vineyard accommodation, providing panoramic views and unparalleled comfort amidst the vines. For those seeking more than a tasting, the estate is equipped to host group events, intimate gatherings, and serene retreats, ensuring a memorable sojourn in the vineyards. Book your stay to experience the idyllic vineyard life.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Degen:

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Various tasting experiences cater to different preferences, each promising a unique insight into Degen's wine philosophy. While walk-ins are welcome, prior reservations ensure a dedicated service, especially for larger groups. The cellar door is a haven for wine enthusiasts, from novices to connoisseurs, promising an engaging experience for all.

For a seamless visit, guests are encouraged to inquire about the availability of specific experiences, as the offerings may vary. Degen Wines looks forward to welcoming visitors and sharing with them the passion that goes into every bottle produced at this distinguished Hunter Valley establishment.

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