De Beaurepaire Wines

A family owned winery in Rylstone

Wine Tasting at De Beaurepaire

De Beaurepaire Wines, a boutique family venture in Rylstone, specialises in French-style wines, reflecting the unique terroir akin to Burgundy. Since its inception in 1998 by the de Beaurepaire family, the winery has gained recognition for its commitment to quality and authenticity, evidenced by prestigious awards including the 2018 Australian Wine of the Year.

The cool climate of Rylstone, cooler than nearby Mudgee, coupled with limestone-rich soil, sets the stage for De Beaurepaire's distinctive wines. This harmonious blend of conditions allows for the cultivation of grapes that produce vibrant, nuanced flavours, capturing the essence of their Burgundian counterparts.

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The Cellar Door at De Beaurepaire Wines offers an immersive experience, blending elegant tastings with a touch of educational insight. Visitors are encouraged to explore the array of wines, each telling a story of the winery's French-inspired heritage and the fertile Rylstone terrain.

Additional delights include the option of a chocolate pairing, enhancing the tasting journey. The winery also features amenities for a full-day visit, from dining options to scenic explorations, ensuring a memorable stay beyond the tasting rooms.

You can expect the following from a tasting at De Beaurepaire:

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Booking in advance is advised for those wishing to delve into De Beaurepaire's wine offerings. The winery caters to various preferences with tailored tasting sessions, each offering a unique exploration of their extensive range. Guests can opt for an enriched experience with the 'Prestige Tasting' or enjoy a comprehensive introduction with the 'Discovery Tasting'.

Group visits are accommodated, with advanced notice recommended for larger groups. Each tasting session, is designed to offer an intimate, insightful look into De Beaurepaire's celebrated wine culture.

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