Boydell's Wines

A family run winery in Hunter Valley

Wine Tasting at Boydell's

Embark on a sensory journey at Boydells, a winery steeped in history and passion for the art of winemaking. With a legacy dating back to 1826, Boydells redefines the wine experience with its unique blends and traditional techniques, producing delicious wines in the Hunter Valley. The winery embraces a hands-on approach, ensuring each bottle encapsulates the richness of the region and the dedication of its makers.

The wines at Boydells are a testament to the winemaker's ingenuity, offering a refreshing divergence from the typical profiles of the Hunter Valley. The vineyard, revitalised in 1997, continues to thrive on the fertile lands once cultivated by Charles Boydell. This historical essence, combined with innovative practices, contributes to the winery's unique offerings, making each visit a discovery of tradition, taste, and terroir.

Visit Boydell's in Hunter Valley

Experience the warmth of Boydells' hospitality at their Cellar Door, a space where history and contemporary elegance coalesce. The recently opened venue in historic Morpeth serves as a gateway to their exquisite wines, inviting guests to explore, taste, and indulge. Each wine tasting is a narrative, recounting the vineyard's heritage, the winemaking process, and the vibrant characteristics of each pour.

Enhance your visit with a sojourn to their rustic restaurant, where modern Australian cuisine meets local produce, all harmoniously paired with Boydells’ wines. Whether within the sun-dappled courtyard or beside the cozy fireplace, your experience is set against a backdrop of rustic charm, reflective of Morpeth's colonial past.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Boydell's:

Premium Wine
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To fully appreciate the Boydells experience, bookings are highly recommended, especially for their curated tasting sessions. These guided explorations delve into the winery's diverse portfolio, from robust reds to effervescent whites, each with a nominal tasting fee. For larger gatherings, Boydells accommodates groups, though advanced notice is encouraged to ensure an intimate and unrushed experience.

Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, Boydells welcomes you to partake in their journey from vine to glass, promising an encounter that's as enriching as it is delightful.

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