Pangallo Estate

A family owned & operated winery in the Hunter

Wine Tasting at Pangallo

Pangallo Estate is a family-owned vineyard and olive grove. With an approach rooted in hand-tending and hand-harvesting, the estate prides itself on producing quality fruit that results in wines and olive oils of distinctive quality. The vineyard's location on varied terrain contributes to the unique terroir of its wines, while its olive groves yield premium quality, first press extra virgin olive oil.

At Pangallo Estate, the dedication to quality extends from the field to the final product. The range of wines, including an award-winning Zibibbo and a unique blend of Pino Grigio Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, showcases the vineyard's commitment to variety and quality. Additionally, the olive oil, produced exclusively from Corregiola olives grown on the estate, emphasises the importance of freshness and natural characteristics, offered in a variety of infusions to cater to diverse tastes.

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At the Pangallo Estate tasting room, guests are invited to sample the full array of wines and olive oils produced by the estate. The experience is designed to showcase the fruits of the estate's labor, where each product tells a story of passion, quality, and the Pangallo family's dedication to their craft.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Pangallo:

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Bookings are recommended for all tasting experiences at Pangallo Estate, ensuring a personalised journey through their selection of wines and olive oils. The estate is open to hosting larger groups, with prior arrangements suggested for the best experience.

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