Audrey Wilkinson

A large, popular winery in Pokolbin

Wine Tasting at Audrey Wilkinson

Audrey Wilkinson, nestled in the heart of the Hunter Valley, is not just a winery but a testament to the rich wine heritage of the region. The winery offers a diverse range of wines, from the crisp and refreshing Whites & Rosé to the robust flavors of their Winemaker’s Selection. While the wines are a true representation of the Hunter Valley's terroir, the winemaker's innovative approach adds a unique twist to every bottle. The legacy of Audrey Wilkinson dates back to the 1800s, making it one of the oldest established vineyards in the region.

While the wines are a true representation of the Hunter Valley terroir, the winemakers have also infused their own creative touches, setting Audrey Wilkinson apart from the rest. The winery is a sister brand to Cockfighter's Ghost and Pooles Rock, which you can also taste at the Pooles Rock Cellar Door.

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Visiting Audrey Wilkinson is an experience in itself. The Cellar Door offers a cozy, open-plan setting with enormous living and dining areas, an open fireplace, and a spacious kitchen. The winery also boasts spectacular views, best enjoyed from the verandah or the lawns outside the Cellar Door. You can even upgrade your tasting with a cheese board or picnic basket to savour amidst the vines.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Audrey Wilkinson:

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Bookings are highly recommended to ensure a personalised wine-tasting experience. Audrey Wilkinson offers a variety of tasting experiences, each designed to suit different preferences and budgets. While the winery is well-equipped to handle large groups, it's advisable to check in advance for bookings exceeding eight people.

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