Yelland and Papps

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Wine Tasting at Yelland and Papps

Founded by Susan and Michael Papps, Yelland & Papps embodies their shared passion for wine and a commitment to producing elegant, sophisticated wines that reflect the Barossa's rich terroir. By adopting older, more traditional winemaking methods, Yelland & Papps aims to craft wines that are not only precise and beautiful but also capable of aging gracefully. The winery's portfolio, featuring varietals such as Roussanne, Shiraz, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon, showcases the couple's dedication to exploring the full potential of each grape, supported by the rich vineyards of families like Materne, Sonntag, Schild, and Modra.

Emphasising a hands-on approach, Yelland & Papps has successfully carved a niche for itself within the Barossa Valley by focusing on quality over quantity. This boutique winery's philosophy centres on gentle experimentation and learning from each vintage, allowing them to continuously refine their techniques and produce wines that connect drinkers with the region's unique characteristics and the community of artisans and farmers who contribute to each bottle. This connection is at the core of Yelland & Papps' identity, making their wines not just beverages but stories of passion, hard work, and the Barossa's legacy.

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At Yelland & Papps, the tasting experience is as unique and personal as their wines. The cellar door operates by appointment only, ensuring that each visit is intimate and tailored to the individual's interests. This boutique setting provides an exclusive opportunity to explore the winery's full range of varietals in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The focus on appointment-only visits allows for a deeper engagement with the winery's philosophy, winemaking processes, and the stories behind each wine. Guests are invited to discover the elegance and sophistication of Yelland & Papps' wines, reflecting the Barossa Valley's rich winemaking tradition and the personal touch of its proprietors.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Yelland and Papps:

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Bookings are essential for all tasting experiences at Yelland & Papps. As a boutique winery, Yelland & Papps offers an intimate glimpse into the dedication and passion that drive the region's winemaking excellence, making each tasting a unique journey into the heart of the Barossa.

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