Roussanne, a varietal traditionally hailing from the Rhône Valley in France, has been making a notable impression in Australian wineries. This style, though not traditionally produced in Australia, has found a compatible home in regions where the climate mirrors its native land. Australian Roussanne is celebrated for its versatility and adaptability, thriving particularly in the cooler climates of regions like Victoria and Tasmania. Its cultivation in Australia represents an exciting development in the country's viticulture, expanding the palate of Australian wine enthusiasts.

The best Roussanne in Australia offers a distinctive tasting experience. Typically, drinkers can anticipate a complex bouquet of flavours ranging from ripe pears and apricots to herbal tea and honey. The uniqueness of Roussanne lies in its ability to reflect the terroir and the winemaking techniques employed. Factors such as the vineyard's microclimate, oak aging, and fermentation processes profoundly influence its flavour profile. This aromatic white wine, with its rich texture and nuanced flavours, is increasingly sought after by those exploring the diversity of Australian wineries producing Roussanne.

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