Talits Estate

A French-inspired winery in Broke

Wine Tasting at Talits

Located in the serene area of Broke within the Hunter Valley, Talits Estate presents a wine tasting journey that reflects both regional tradition and individual flair. The estate's selection features wines such as their notable Rosé in still and sparkling forms, the crisp Blanc de Blancs, classic Semillon, versatile Chardonnay, and the full-bodied Estate Shiraz. While the winery respects the typical varietals of the Hunter Valley, innovation is also embraced, providing a unique twist on each bottle produced.

Talits Estate, though relatively new in its establishment, honours the rich wine heritage of its locale. The winery integrates modern techniques with the time-honoured traditions of the region, offering a unique portfolio of wines that appeal to both contemporary tastes and classic palates.

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The Cellar Door at Talits Estate combines modernity with a touch of French-inspired design, set against the backdrop of a peaceful lake. Visitors here are offered a standard tasting that encompasses a range of the estate's current wines. Beyond tastings, guests can enhance their experience with locally sourced cheese and charcuterie platters, adding a gastronomic delight to the palate.

The venue extends its hospitality to families and individuals alike, with lawn games available, adding a relaxed and enjoyable dimension to the visit. The setting and offerings at the Cellar Door aim to create a memorable and comfortable experience for all guests.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Talits:

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Guests planning to visit Talits Estate are advised to book in advance, though walk-ins are also accommodated. The estate offers a standard wine tasting for $15 per person, showcasing a variety of their wines. Group bookings are welcome, with a maximum limit of twelve individuals per group to maintain an intimate tasting experience.

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