Whispering Brook

An artisan winery in Broke

Wine Tasting at Whispering Brook

Whispering Brook, located in Broke in the Hunter Valley, is a winery focused on high-quality Portuguese varietals. The winery is celebrated for its single-vineyard, small-batch wines, offering a distinct taste of Hunter Valley's unique terroir.

The estate extends beyond winemaking to include olive groves and a guesthouse, offering visitors a holistic experience of estate life. With wines that capture the essence of the region's terroir and a dedication to innovation, particularly with Portuguese grape varieties, Whispering Brook provides outstanding wine experiences that resonate with nature's inspiration and the passion of its people.

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Whispering Brook's Cellar Door has wide, sweeping verandahs which guests can enjoy while enjoying their artisan wine and olive experiences. Seated tastings, conducted amidst the serene backdrop of vineyards, olive groves, and stunning mountain views, offer a journey through the winery's artisan winemaking process. A selection of seasonal tasting plates and platters, paired with the winery's current releases.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Whispering Brook:

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Bookings are essential at Whispering Brook to ensure an intimate and engaging tasting experience. The winery welcomes bookings for up to 12 guests, with a charge of $20 per person for large group bookings. A range of tasting experiences is available, from the introductory Wine Appreciation Tasting Flights at $15 per person to the immersive tasting of aged and limited release wines at $35 per person. For those looking to combine their tasting with a culinary experience, the Wine Appreciation + Tasting Plate offers an artisan cheese and antipasto board for $49 per person. Additionally, the Portuguese Wine and Chocolate Flight provides a unique pairing experience for $30 per person. Bookings are recommended for all tasting experiences, particularly for larger groups, to fully enjoy what Whispering Brook has to offer.

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