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Simon Tolley Wines, nestled in the Adelaide Hills, stands as a testament to a family legacy of grape growing that spans five generations. Simon Tolley, a viticulturist with a rich heritage and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Viticultural Science, has infused his deep understanding of vine management and winemaking into creating wines that embody the essence of the Adelaide Hills. Emphasising the importance of vineyard location, clone selection, and a minimal intervention approach, Simon crafts wines that are not only a reflection of the region's unique climate but also his family's enduring connection to the land. Varietals such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir Rosé are carefully nurtured to express purity of flavour, complexity, and a true sense of place.

Simon's expertise in selecting the right clones for his wines ensures that each varietal demonstrates its characteristic aromatic and flavour profiles, contributing to the production of outstanding fine wines. The cool climate of the Adelaide Hills, characterised by long, slow-ripening days and chilly nights, provides the perfect conditions for growing grapes that yield distinctive, long-lived wines. Through careful vineyard management and a dedication to showcasing the region's terroir, Simon Tolley Wines captures the harmony and richness of the Adelaide Hills in every bottle.

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The Simon Tolley Cellar Door, located in the picturesque rolling hills of Woodside in the Adelaide Hills, offers visitors a warm welcome and a chance to explore the estate's premium wines. With its panoramic views, the Cellar Door is a prime spot for enjoying a tasting, taking a vineyard tour, or simply relaxing with a glass of wine in the serene outdoor setting. The Cellar Door's design, featuring ample indoor and outdoor seating, reflects the winery's commitment to providing a comfortable and engaging wine tasting experience. Guests are invited to sample a range of Simon Tolley's wines through the Wine Tasting Flight or enjoy wines by the glass or bottle, complemented by a selection of food options, including the Vigneron Cheese Platter and Sicilian Pizzas available on weekends.

With experiences tailored to showcase the estate's range of wines, from the Estate Flight featuring five wines from the estate range to the Perfectus Flight highlighting three wines from the icon range, visitors can immerse themselves in the nuanced flavours and textures that define Simon Tolley Wines. The Cellar Door's setting, amidst the beauty of the Adelaide Hills, offers an idyllic backdrop for discovering the unique characteristics of the region's cool-climate wines.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Simon Tolley:

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For those looking to experience the best of Adelaide Hills wine country, a visit to Simon Tolley Wines Cellar Door is a must. Open Thursday through Monday, with tastings available by appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Cellar Door welcomes wine enthusiasts and casual visitors alike to explore its offerings. Bookings are essential for larger groups or those interested in a personalised tasting with Simon Tolley, ensuring an intimate and informative wine tasting experience. Whether you're savoring a glass of wine on the lawn, exploring the vineyards, or enjoying the curated selection of wines and food, Simon Tolley Wines provides a memorable visit that captures the spirit of the Adelaide Hills and the passion of a family deeply rooted in winemaking.

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