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Pooley Wines, a beacon of cool-climate viticulture in Tasmania, was founded in 1985 by Denis and Margaret Pooley. The vineyard, initially a retirement project with a modest planting of Pinot Noir and Riesling, has grown into a prominent name in the Australian wine industry, renowned for its expressive single-site wines crafted with minimal intervention. Located on the banks of the Coal River in southern Tasmania, Pooley Wines has expanded to encompass two vineyards, Cooinda Vale and Butcher's Hill, each contributing unique terroir characteristics to the diverse wine portfolio. Under the stewardship of the Pooley family, spanning three generations, the winery has maintained its commitment to quality, sustainability, and the expression of their unique environment through a range of varietals including Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.

The winemaking philosophy at Pooley Wines, led by Anna Pooley and supported by viticulturist Matthew Pooley, emphasises a deep connection to the land and a sustainable approach to vineyard management. This commitment has been recognised with prestigious awards, including the 2023 Winery of the Year by The Halliday Wine Companion, highlighting Pooley Wines as a leading figure in Australia's cool-climate wine production.

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The Cellar Door at Pooley Wines, set against the historic backdrop of Belmont in Richmond, Tasmania, offers visitors an intimate tasting experience in a setting rich with heritage and natural beauty. Nestled between the Georgian convict-built home and the vineyards, the tasting room provides in-depth structured tastings of the Pooley wine range. Guests can enjoy local cheeses and charcuterie boards, along with artisan woodfired pizzas available from Friday to Sunday, ensuring a comprehensive taste of Tasmania's culinary delights alongside Pooley's acclaimed wines. With tastings available 7 days a week, Pooley Wines invites wine enthusiasts to explore the nuanced expressions of their Coal River Valley estate.

As a testament to their hospitality and the desire to offer guests a memorable visit, Pooley Wines has crafted an array of tasting experiences. These tastings, designed to highlight the winery's dedication to terroir-driven winemaking, range from $10 to $15 per person, offering an accessible introduction to the Pooley family story and the exceptional quality of their wines. The premium tastings delve deeper into the unique characteristics of each vineyard site, showcasing the complexity and ageing potential of their single vineyard and heritage range wines.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Pooley:

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Booking in advance is highly recommended for all tasting experiences at Pooley Wines to ensure a personalised and immersive visit. The structured tastings, meticulously curated to reflect the unique terroir of the Coal River Valley, are a testament to Pooley's commitment to showcasing the best of Tasmanian wine. With options for both casual tastings and premium experiences, Pooley Wines caters to a wide range of wine preferences and interests. The booking policy, aimed at maintaining the quality of the visitor experience, underscores the winery's dedication to hospitality and the sharing of their passion for cool-climate winemaking with guests from around the world.

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