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Kingsdale Wines, nestled in the Southern Highlands of NSW, presents a unique viticulture experience. Situated a mere 5 minutes from Goulburn and enjoying views over Lake Sooley, this boutique winery benefits from a cool mountain climate. The vineyard, positioned on limestone soils, is ideal for producing cool climate wine grapes. Kingsdale, though in a region not traditionally known for wine, has created a distinctive range of wines, reflecting both the unique terroir and the winemaker's innovative approach.

The selection at Kingsdale Wines is both diverse and distinguished. Their 2019 Merlot, a light red wine, offers dark cherry fruit flavors with a touch of cedar spice. The Emma Shiraz, another highlight, blends blackberry fruit aromas with vanilla and nutmeg, matured primarily in French oak. Their Merlot-Malbec is rich and full-bodied, showcasing plum fruit aromas and chocolate-clove spice. For white wine lovers, the 2019 Sauvignon Blanc and 2015 Semillon stand out, each exhibiting a harmony of complex flavors and aromas. Unique offerings like their Orange Liqueur Wine and the Old Joe, a vintage tawny port-style wine, showcase Kingsdale's creativity and versatility in winemaking.

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The Cellar Door at Kingsdale Wines offers a warm and informative wine tasting experience. Guests can explore a variety of wines, guided by knowledgeable staff who share insights about the wine making process. The Cellar Door's ambience is further enhanced by cheeseboards under the stars, provided by Gebrans, making the experience not just a tasting but a delightful event.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Kingsdale:

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Bookings at Kingsdale Wines are recommended for all tasting experiences, especially for larger groups. The winery is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 AM to 5:30 PM, ensuring ample opportunity for visitors to enjoy their offerings. The flexible schedule accommodates both weekend visits and midweek escapes, allowing for a tailored and comfortable experience.

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