Huntington Estate

A family owned winery in Mudgee

Wine Tasting at Huntington Estate

Huntington Estate is a family-owned winery in Mudgee, boasting an impressive history dating back to 1969. Its founding vision was to create affordable, high-quality wines capable of ageing well—a principle the winery still upholds. The focus at Huntington Estate is substance over style, concentrating on the quality and taste of the wine over market trends.

The winemaker, Tim Stevens, crafts an array of wines typical of the Mudgee region. His selection includes Shiraz, Pinot Noir Rosé, and Rosé. These wines can be sampled at their Ulan Road tasting room, where visitors are invited to experience the full range.

Visit Huntington Estate in Mudgee

A visit to the Huntington Estate offers much more than just a tasting of their superb wines. Set within the beautiful grounds of the vineyard, their tasting room welcomes guests with a blend of history and modern aesthetics. The interior features stunning stained glass windows and serving counters crafted from original oak fermenters, evoking a sense of the winery's rich heritage.

Tasting sessions at Huntington Estate are a holistic experience. Their premium wines are served in an enlightening, face-to-face environment, guided by their wine experts. The estate also caters to groups and offers outdoor tastings. To ensure a full and comprehensive tasting experience, guests are advised to arrive on time.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Huntington Estate:

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While spontaneous visits are welcome, bookings at Huntington Estate are highly recommended, especially for weekends or groups of 6 or more. This ensures a seamless experience for all guests, providing ample opportunity to savour the variety and quality of wines produced at this historic Mudgee winery.

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