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Established in 1997 in the picturesque Yarra Valley, Giant Steps has become synonymous with wines that exhibit both purity and finesse. Founded by Phil Sexton, a visionary in the wine industry, Giant Steps was named in homage to John Coltrane's influential album, reflecting both Sexton's passion for jazz and his ambition in winemaking. With vineyards spanning from Tarrawarra to Gladysdale, each wine from Giant Steps is a testament to the unique terroir of its specific vineyard site, crafted under the stewardship of Head of Winemaking, Mel Chester, since 2021. Chester's approach ensures that while the wines may vary with the vineyards' evolution, their quality remains consistently exceptional.

The winery specialises in cool-climate varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which have been instrumental in advancing Australia's reputation in these categories. However, Giant Steps also produces a broader range of wines, including Syrah, Grenache, Rosé, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot, each reflecting the distinctive character and diversity of the Yarra Valley's terroir. This dedication to expressing the nuances of their vineyard sites has positioned Giant Steps as a leader in the region, beloved by enthusiasts for over two decades.

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The Giant Steps Tasting Room, nestled in the heart of Healesville, Yarra Valley, is a haven for wine lovers. Open seven days a week, this space has been thoughtfully designed to create an immersive experience into the world of Giant Steps wines. Visitors can expect a relaxed yet informative wine tasting journey, with options ranging from casual glasses to expertly guided tours through the winery's extensive range. The recently revitalized tasting room is a testament to the winery's commitment to sharing their passion for wine, offering both a modern and welcoming environment for guests.

At the Cellar Door, guests are invited to explore the rich variety and styles of the Yarra Valley through a selection of tasting experiences. From seasonal selections showcasing the region's diversity to in-depth explorations of single vineyard sites, the experiences are designed to cater to both novice and seasoned wine aficionados. The setting, characterised by its premium design and indoor ambiance, ensures a memorable tasting adventure, reflecting the essence of Giant Steps' winemaking philosophy.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Giant Steps:

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Bookings at Giant Steps are recommended to guarantee a spot in one of their distinctive tasting experiences. The winery offers a range of options to suit various interests and palates, including the 'Yarra Valley Tasting' for a regional overview, the 'Essential Giant Steps' to sample their flagship wines, and the 'Single Vineyard Tasting' for an in-depth look at their most esteemed sites. Prices range from $15 to $55 per person, ensuring an accessible entry point for all visitors to explore the nuances of their portfolio. For those looking to delve deeper, the 'Single Vineyard Experience' offers a comprehensive journey through the winery's prized vineyards. While walk-ins are welcomed, booking in advance is advisable, especially for larger groups, to fully embrace the Giant Steps wine tasting experience.

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