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David Hook Wines, located in the picturesque Hunter Valley, is a testament to the region's viticultural excellence. Established in the early 1980s, the Pothana vineyard was meticulously selected for its potential to yield wines of distinctive style, character, and integrity. Over the years, this family-owned winery has nurtured its vines to produce wines that authentically represent the region's unique terroir and vintage. David Hook Wines prides itself on its range of wines, including traditional varieties like Semillon, Chardonnay, and Shiraz, as well as emerging varieties like Pinot Grigio and Barbera.

The winery's approach to winemaking is deeply rooted in the Hunter Valley tradition yet innovative in embracing new varietals and techniques. This blend of tradition and innovation results in a collection of wines that not only pay homage to the Hunter's heritage but also push the boundaries of winemaking, offering a unique experience to wine lovers.

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David Hook Wines invites guests to the Pothana Winery Cellar Door, open on Saturdays from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm. This exclusive experience is by appointment, offering a personalised and intimate setting for wine tastings. Visitors can look forward to a range of tastings that reflect the winery's diverse portfolio, with each wine telling a story of the Hunter Valley's rich winemaking history.

The ambiance of the Cellar Door, set amidst the scenic beauty of the Hunter Valley, complements the tasting experience. The knowledgeable staff guide guests through each wine, ensuring an educational and enjoyable visit.

You can expect the following from a tasting at David Hook:

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As the Cellar Door operates on an appointment-only basis on Saturdays, advance booking is highly advised. This approach ensures that every visitor receives the attention and care that David Hook Wines is known for.

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