Bunnamagoo Estate Wines

A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in Mudgee

Wine Tasting at Bunnamagoo

Established in 2009, Bunnamagoo Estate Wines is a traditional winery based in the Mudgee region. Their wines are a reflection of the Paspaley family's long-standing passion for agriculture and artisanal winemaking, coupled with a dedication to maintaining the traditional wine-making process

The winery produces a diverse range of wines, with a notable emphasis on varieties that thrive in the unique terroir of the region. From the cool climate of Rockley, which yields wines of distinctive cool climate style, to the warmer climate of the Mudgee region, where the wines exude subtle nuances and warmth, Bunnamagoo offers a tasting experience that showcases the best of both worlds. The winery's rich history is evident in every bottle, with each vintage reflecting the character of its season and the meticulous care of its winemakers.

Visit Bunnamagoo in Mudgee

Visitors to Bunnamagoo's Cellar Door are greeted with an immersive wine tasting experience that is both educational and enjoyable. The Cellar Door, with its rustic charm and welcoming ambiance, serves as the perfect backdrop for sampling the winery's exquisite offerings. Guests can expect to discover wines that are elegant, supple, and driven by Australian ripe fruit flavours.

The winery boasts a range of affordable wines, as well as premium offerings that are perfect for special occasions. Additionally, Bunnamagoo offers a range of cheese boards to complement their wines, and those seeking a more scenic experience can enjoy the breathtaking views that the estate has to offer.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Bunnamagoo:

Book a tasting at Bunnamagoo

While walk-ins are welcome, bookings are highly recommended at Bunnamagoo Estate to ensure a seamless tasting experience. The winery offers a variety of tasting experiences, each tailored to cater to different preferences and budgets.

Whether you're interested in a standard tasting or a premium experience paired with a cheese board, Bunnamagoo has something for everyone. The winery is equipped to accommodate both small and large groups, ensuring that every guest receives the attention and care they deserve.

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