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Beresford Estate, situated within the prestigious McLaren Vale wine region, encompasses a 70-acre working vineyard known for producing award-winning wines that exemplify nuanced excellence. The estate is home to an array of modern architectural marvels, including Beresford House, the Tasting Pavilion, Estate Suites and Villas, and the Vale Restaurant. Each element of the estate has been designed with modernistic precision and a keen eye for indulgent details, offering visitors a comprehensive experience of McLaren Vale's finest offerings. Established in 1985, Beresford Wines has cemented its reputation as a family-owned winery that passionately showcases the individuality and diversity of McLaren Vale through its handcrafted wines.

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The Beresford Tasting Pavilion stands as a beacon of guided tasting experiences in McLaren Vale, welcoming groups of up to 12 for an intimate exploration of Beresford wines and a selection of artisanal cheese boards. Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, the Tasting Pavilion offers a range of structured tasting experiences, allowing visitors to delve into the distinct characteristics of McLaren Vale's wine-grape varieties. The Pavilion, alongside offering classic and premium wine tastings, also hosts unique experiences such as the Shiraz & Chocolate Tasting, inviting guests to engage with the winery's rich portfolio in a picturesque setting.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Beresford:

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Booking is highly recommended for all tasting experiences at Beresford Estate to ensure a personalised and immersive visit. The estate's approach to wine tasting is designed to cater to both the casual visitor and the wine connoisseur, offering everything from classic tastings to more premium experiences that include a flight of estate and limited release ranges. The inclusion of Vale Brewing and 23rd Street Distillery tastings alongside traditional wine tastings broadens the experience, inviting guests to explore a wider spectrum of flavours and styles, all while enjoying the serene backdrop of McLaren Vale's vineyards and natural beauty.

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