Bec Hardy

A boutique Winery and Cellar Door in McLaren Vale

Wine Tasting at Bec Hardy

Bec Hardy represents a pioneering spirit in the McLaren Vale wine region, being the first female vigneron from one of Australia's oldest wine families, the Hardys. With her roots deeply embedded in the region's viticultural history, Bec continues a tradition that dates back to 1850 when her ancestor, Thomas Hardy, established the family's winemaking legacy. Today, Bec Hardy Wines builds upon 170 years of winemaking heritage, offering wines that reflect the premium maritime conditions of McLaren Vale. Her approach combines the rich legacy of her family with a modern twist, producing wines that are known for their quality and authenticity, and backed by the endorsement of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

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The Bec Hardy cellar door, nestled in the picturesque McLaren Vale, offers visitors an intimate and personalised wine tasting experience. Open daily from 10 am to 4 pm, the cellar door is a gateway to exploring Bec Hardy's award-winning range, including the iconic Pertaringa brand and the contemporary Bec Hardy range that spans across South Australia's premium wine regions. Guests are invited to enjoy their tastings inside the recently refurbished cellar door or outdoors amidst the natural beauty of the vineyards. 'The Kitchen at Bec Hardy' further enhances the experience with a focus on fresh, local, and seasonal produce, offering an elevated dining experience that complements the wine tasting.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Bec Hardy:

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Bookings are recommended for all tasting experiences at Bec Hardy's cellar door to ensure visitors receive a comprehensive introduction to the winery's diverse portfolio. With a tasting fee of $10 per person, guests can select from a range of Pertaringa and Bec Hardy wines, tailoring the experience to their taste preferences. The cellar door welcomes both small and large groups, with specific arrangements available for groups of nine or more. As a cashless venue, Bec Hardy prioritises convenience and safety for all guests, ensuring a memorable visit to one of McLaren Vale's most esteemed wine families.

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