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Located in the Broke Fordwich region of the Hunter Valley, Tinonee Vineyard Estate is a boutique vineyard offering both accommodations and a wine tasting experience at their 1813 Wines cellar door. Just a two-hour drive north of Sydney, the estate is set against the backdrop of the Broken Back Range and offers stunning views of its vineyards and the notable Yellow Rock. Established in 2017, Tinonee Vineyard Estate aims to blend the beauty of its natural surroundings with the refined pleasure of wine tasting, making it a desirable destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of vineyard living.

The vineyard focuses on producing a select range of wines under the 1813 label, grown from five grape varietals across 16 acres. The lineup includes a variety of wines from trendy summer spritzes like Moscato and Rosé to the Hunter Valley's signature Shiraz. The Governor, a reserve Shiraz, is highlighted as the estate's premium offering, showcasing the quality and character of the vineyard's output.

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The 1813 cellar door at Tinonee Vineyard Estate is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and intimate setting for wine tastings. Whether visitors are looking to enjoy their wine by a cozy fire in the cooler months or in a cool, air-conditioned space during the summer, the cellar door caters to all preferences. This setting offers an opportunity to taste 1813's estate-grown, single-vineyard wines while enjoying the scenic beauty of the estate.

You can expect the following from a tasting at 1813 Wines:

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