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Watkins, a family-owned winery located in the Adelaide Hills, has a rich history that spans over two decades, beginning when David and Ros Watkins ventured into the wine industry in 1997. With the vineyard's foundation, the family set out to produce premium bulk wine, initially supplying well-known South Australian brands. Over the years, the Watkins family, including the next generation of siblings Ben, Sam, and Jo, honed their viticultural and winemaking skills, leading to the establishment of their own brand in 2019. Watkins wines are crafted with a focus on sustainability and organic practices, offering a range of varietals that reflect the region's cool climate and diverse terroir.

Head Winemaker Sam Watkins, who grew up amidst the family's vineyards, brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective to the winery, having worked under influential winemakers both in Australia and internationally. His holistic approach to winemaking is complemented by his roles in sales, marketing, and as a sommelier, ensuring that Watkins wines are not only of high quality but also resonate with wine enthusiasts around the world. The family's commitment to the wine industry is further evidenced by their involvement in regional wine organisations and Sam's contributions as a volunteer and advocate for Langhorne Creek.

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The Watkins Cellar Door, located in Chandlers Hill, South Australia, offers visitors a unique and intimate wine tasting experience. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Adelaide Hills, the Cellar Door is a testament to the Watkins family's dedication to winemaking and hospitality. Guests are invited to explore the winery's portfolio through guided tastings, where they can learn about the nuances of each varietal and the sustainable practices that underpin their production. The Cellar Door's design, featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces, reflects the winery's commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere for all guests, including families and pet owners.

In addition to wine tastings, the Watkins Cellar Door hosts a variety of events, such as Thursday Night Trivia and seasonal gatherings, providing an opportunity for visitors to engage with the winery in a relaxed and social setting. The adjoining 59 Pizzeria offers a culinary experience that complements the wines, bringing people together over shared meals and conversations. Watkins also accommodates private functions, allowing guests to celebrate special occasions surrounded by the beauty of the Adelaide Hills.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Watkins:

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For those planning to visit Watkins in the Adelaide Hills, bookings are recommended for all tasting experiences to ensure a personalised and comprehensive exploration of the winery's offerings. The Watkins family's journey from grape growers to acclaimed winemakers is a testament to their passion for the industry and their commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement. Whether through a casual wine tasting, an evening of trivia, or a meal at 59 Pizzeria, visitors to Watkins Cellar Door can expect to be greeted with exceptional wines and a warm welcome, making it a must-visit destination in the region.

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