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Living Roots, a winery with deep roots in the Finger Lakes region of New York and the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia, stands as a testament to a rich family legacy of winemaking that spans six generations. Founded in 2016 by Seb and Colleen Hardy, Living Roots bridges continents, combining the rich winemaking heritage of the Hardy family in Australia with innovative, low input techniques to craft wines that express the unique characteristics of each region. With a focus on varietal and regional expression, minimal inputs, and maximum quality, Living Roots sources grapes from a variety of growers, including family vineyards, to produce styles that reflect the founders' passion for winemaking. The winery's approach is underscored by a commitment to exploring new vineyards, varieties, and techniques, making each vintage a celebration of the regions' diverse terroirs.

In the Adelaide Hills, Living Roots takes advantage of the unique climatic conditions and soils of the region to produce vibrant, medium-bodied reds, alongside an array of whites and sparkling reds. The winery's dedication to minimal input winemaking allows the true essence of the grape varieties and the terroir to shine through in each bottle. This philosophy is rooted in the history of the Hardy family, with Seb growing up in his dad’s vineyards and bringing a wealth of knowledge from his experiences in Australia and Europe to the winemaking process at Living Roots.

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The Living Roots Cellar Door, nestled in the family's K1 Vineyard in the southern Adelaide Hills, offers an intimate glimpse into the winery's unique transcontinental winemaking journey. By appointment, guests can taste a range of wines that showcase the best of what the Adelaide Hills has to offer, from sauvignon blanc and chardonnay to pinot noir, shiraz, and nero d'avola. The cellar door experience is a reflection of Living Roots' boutique approach, with tastings conducted in a setting that emphasises the winery's commitment to quality, innovation, and the exploration of new vineyards and varieties. The design of the space complements the wines, providing a premium, yet approachable atmosphere for visitors to learn about and enjoy Living Roots' diverse portfolio.

Whether you're a connoisseur of Adelaide Hills wines or a newcomer eager to explore the region's offerings, the Living Roots Cellar Door provides an opportunity to engage directly with the winemakers' vision. Each tasting is an educational experience, offering insights into the careful, minimal input winemaking practices that define Living Roots and its dedication to crafting wines that are true to their variety and vineyard.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Living Roots:

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For enthusiasts eager to dive into the world of Living Roots, booking a visit to their Adelaide Hills Cellar Door is highly recommended. The tasting experience, by appointment only, is not just an opportunity to sample a curated selection of wines but also a chance to connect with the winery's cross-continental story. Each tasting, priced at $20 per head and redeemable on the purchase of six bottles or more, is an intimate journey through the winery's philosophy, showcasing the seamless blend of tradition and innovation that characterizes Living Roots. Visitors will leave not only with a deeper appreciation for Adelaide Hills and Finger Lakes wines but also with a sense of the passion and history that Seb and Colleen Hardy bring to their craft. To explore this unique viticultural narrative and enjoy some of the finest wines from the Adelaide Hills, reaching out to Living Roots for a tasting appointment is a step into the heart of a living winemaking legacy.

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