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Jansz Tasmania, established in 1986, has distinguished itself as a pioneer in the Tasmanian sparkling wine industry, dedicating its craft exclusively to the art of sparkling winemaking. Situated in the heart of Tasmania's idyllic conditions, Jansz benefits from a long, cool growing season that is ideal for developing the complex flavours and aromas in their Chardonnay, Sparkling White, and Sparkling Rosé. The winery's philosophy of minimal intervention allows each wine to naturally express the pristine environment of its Tasmanian home, resulting in sparkling wines that are undeniably Tasmanian and unmistakably Jansz.

Under the stewardship of Jennifer Doyle, Jansz's viticultural practices have been honed over the last 12 years, focusing on sustainability and the protection of biological diversity within the vineyards. Jennifer's passion for Tasmanian viticulture and her innovative approach to winemaking have played a pivotal role in cementing Jansz Tasmania as a premier producer of luxury sparkling wines, recognised for their balance, elegance, and expressive character.

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The Jansz Tasmania Wine Room, adjacent to the vineyard and overlooking a picturesque lake, offers visitors an intimate setting to explore the acclaimed Jansz sparkling wine collection. Here, guests can be guided through curated tastings or enjoy a local Tasmanian cheese platter, with the tranquil vineyard views serving as the perfect backdrop. In addition to traditional tastings, Jansz Tasmania offers unique experiences such as the Jansz Vineyard Picnic and the Amongst the Vines Tour, providing an immersive way to appreciate the estate's sparkling wines amidst its stunning gardens and vineyards. The dedication to providing an exceptional visitor experience is evident, making it a must-visit destination for sparkling wine aficionados.

Furthermore, Jansz Tasmania's Cellar Door caters to both individuals and groups, offering a range of tasting flights that showcase the depth and diversity of its sparkling wine portfolio. From the Ultimate Tasting Flight to the Introduction Tasting Flight, each experience is designed to highlight the distinctive qualities of Jansz Tasmania's wines, inviting guests on a journey through the nuances of Tasmanian sparkling wine.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Jansz:

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Bookings are recommended for all tasting experiences at Jansz Tasmania to ensure a personalised and memorable visit. With experiences ranging from the Introduction Tasting Flight at $15 per person to the premium Amongst the Vines Tour at $250, Jansz offers a variety of options to suit all tastes and interests. The winery's commitment to showcasing the best of Tasmanian sparkling wine is complemented by its range of immersive experiences, from picnics in the vineyard to in-depth tasting flights. Visitors are encouraged to book in advance, especially for group tastings and exclusive tours, to fully experience the elegance and sophistication of Jansz Tasmania's sparkling wines.

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