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Cherubino, founded by Larry and Edwina Cherubino, is a testament to the rich viticultural heritage and pioneering spirit of Western Australia. Drawing from Larry's extensive experience in winemaking and Edwina's deep family roots in the Frankland River region, Cherubino has emerged as a distinguished winery in the Margaret River area. The winery's portfolio includes a broad array of wines, such as Chardonnay, Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz, each reflecting the unique terroir of their vineyards. With a commitment to exploring and enhancing the viticultural landscape of Western Australia, Cherubino has garnered acclaim, including being listed as Winery Of The Year by renowned wine critics.

At the heart of Cherubino's philosophy is a dedication to understanding and showcasing the potential of Western Australia's wine regions. The winery's efforts to import new clones and develop vineyards with the most up-to-date plantings aim to contribute to the broader knowledge of viticulture in the state. This forward-thinking approach, combined with a respect for the pioneers of the industry, positions Cherubino as a winery committed to producing wines that not only pay homage to the region's history but also push the boundaries of winemaking in Western Australia.

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The Cherubino Cellar Door, located on Caves Road in Margaret River, offers visitors a chance to explore the winery's exceptional range of wines. Open for tastings, the cellar door presents a seasonal selection, including special releases and cellar door exclusives. Guests can experience taste flights and discover the nuanced flavours of Cherubino's wines in a welcoming setting. For those seeking a more in-depth exploration, private tastings and themed events can be arranged, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the varietal and regional characteristics that define Cherubino's portfolio. With a focus on creating a memorable visit, the cellar door invites wine enthusiasts to experience the essence of Margaret River through the lens of Cherubino's expertly crafted wines.

You can expect the following from a tasting at Cherubino:

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Bookings are recommended for all tasting experiences at Cherubino to ensure visitors receive a personalised and enriching experience. Whether exploring the cellar door's seasonal offerings, participating in a private tasting, or attending a themed event, securing a reservation allows guests to fully engage with the winery's diverse wine styles. Cherubino's commitment to quality and innovation, coupled with its picturesque location in Margaret River, makes it a must-visit destination for those interested in the evolution of Western Australian wine. By booking in advance, visitors can ensure they capture the full breadth of Cherubino's contributions to the state's viticultural legacy.

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