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Artisans of Barossa, located in the renowned Barossa Valley, is a collective of eight small-batch winemakers committed to sharing the region's wine culture with enthusiasts and visitors. Offering a diverse range of wines, including Grenache, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, and Grenache-Shiraz-Mataro, Artisans of Barossa provides a unique tasting experience at their Wine Room and Essen, a benchmark dining space in the Barossa. With over 100 wines available, guests are invited to relax and explore the depth of Barossa winemaking through two distinct seated wine tasting options, Rarities and Discover Barossa, each designed to showcase the small-batch winemaking philosophy that defines the collective.

Artisans of Barossa emphasises the importance of reservations, especially during weekends and public holidays, to ensure a personalised experience for every guest. The Rarities tasting option offers an in-depth exploration of museum releases, mini verticals, and rare releases, while the Discover Barossa tasting provides an introductory journey into the world of small-batch Barossa winemaking. Additionally, Artisans of Barossa hosts the Grenache Project, an experimental venture exploring the influence of winemaking on the terroir of a single Barossa Grenache vineyard, further highlighting the innovative spirit of the collective.

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The dining experience at Artisans of Barossa complements the wine tasting, with Essen offering a modern approach to enjoying food with wine. Open Wednesday to Sunday, Essen presents a menu that varies with the seasons, focusing on two or three-course summer menus and a chef's choice menu, available both indoors and on the terrace. Delikatessen, open seven days a week, offers a more casual dining experience with lunch served from 11 am to 4 pm. Both dining options prioritize reservations to ensure guests can enjoy their visit without disappointment, though walk-ins are accommodated when possible. The menus at both Essen and Delikatessen are crafted to pair beautifully with Artisans of Barossa's wines, enhancing the overall gastronomic journey.

For larger groups or special events, Artisans of Barossa encourages advance planning through email communication with their Reservations Manager. This preparation allows the collective to offer the best possible experience, accommodating the needs of groups and ensuring that every visit is memorable. Whether for a casual wine tasting or a full dining experience, Artisans of Barossa stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Barossa Valley, inviting guests to explore the rich tapestry of winemaking and culinary excellence that defines the region.

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Visitors planning to experience Artisans of Barossa are recommended to make bookings for all tasting and dining experiences. This approach ensures that each guest receives attentive service and an opportunity to fully engage with the offerings of the collective. Through its diverse wine styles, innovative tasting options, and culinary delights, Artisans of Barossa offers a comprehensive introduction to the Barossa Valley's winemaking tradition and contemporary expressions. By fostering a welcoming environment for families, groups, and individuals alike, Artisans of Barossa invites everyone to partake in the joy of discovering Barossa wine and food, set against the backdrop of the valley's stunning landscapes.

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