Mataro, known as Mourvèdre in France and Monastrell in Spain, is a cornerstone of Australian winemaking, particularly in the warm Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale regions. Since the 19th century, it has been instrumental in adding complexity and depth to Australian blends. Mataro produces robust, tannic wines that capture the essence of Australia's rich terroir with their dark fruit and spice notes.

In Australian winemaking, Mataro demonstrates remarkable versatility, particularly shining in GSM (Grenache Shiraz Mataro) blends. Here, it contributes significantly to the wine's structure, depth, and the introduction of spicy undertones. Beyond its role in blends, Mataro is also celebrated in single-varietal expressions, where it fully reveals its robust nature and affinity for the warmth of Australian regions. Its distinct dark fruit flavors and pronounced tannins are especially highlighted in these settings.

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